The Pen Is Mightier…

For most of my adult life, I have used ballpoint or rolling ballpoint pens. I prefer the Pilot Precise V5 for my day to day work, as well as the cartography that comes with my hobbies.

That actually looks to change now. I picked up a Lamy Safari fountain pen after some review for use in keeping notes and general writing, but it feels like I am more likely to turn to it as my daily use pen.


Compared to the V5, the Safari requires barely any pressure to write. The ink flows smooth, and has not feathered or bled once since I started working with it this afternoon. It writes well on standard weight paper as well as the rougher, journal weight paper I use for my fiction writing. I did not consider it for business use, as the blue ink appeared a bit lighter than the V5, but a simple test proved it will show up properly (more important: legally) when copied.

Did I just stumble upon a daily use pen?

The grip seems a bit strange to me, but I read that it actually helps your hand learn the proper way to hold the pen for writing. The lack of pressure needed to write with the pen certainly helps my wrist and fingers, as I would regularly feel them cramping or aching when writing with the V5 and, well anything else really. Click pens, stick pens, rolling balls… it didn’t matter. I used enough pressure pinching the barrel that my hand just started to hurt.

With the Safari? Not as much. There’s still some discomfort from the barrel’s odd shape, but like new shoes I should¬†grow into it.

Learning to write with a fountain pen is almost like learning to write completely from scratch (I swear, the pun was NOT intended this time around). I read that it uses more of the wrist and arm than it does the fingers, so it should be a challenge to alter my style.

I like the pen, that much is certain. It lends a certain sense of class and style in my mind, and it just feels good. I doubt I’ll be using it for my cartography, owing to the slightly wider nib than the V5, but it’s quickly earning itself a place in my bag.




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