Altaholism in Gaming

I’m one of those who cannot ignore a story that wants to be told. In some of my MMO Gaming blogs, I talked about running multiple characters and the muses that inspire them. Lately, I’ve begun to notice that the muses (or Alt-aholism, if you prefer) has started to strike outside the digital realm.

A wall of ceramic masks

In our Pathfinder game, we have two campaigns running: The first, which is the one I’m running, is Skulls & Shackles (Affiliate Link: There, I get to let all the muses and voices out to play with the different NPCs that make appearances. The second game is Rise of the Runelords (Affiliate Link:, and there I get to be a player.

In RotR, I started with a cleric character and his rogue companion (playing two characters at the same time is fun, especially breaking out their different personalities; I’ve actually had in-character arguments with myself during downtime actions). During the events of the plot, and in part because of a new voice I had kicking around, I retired them and started up a wizard and cleric pairing.

Now that I’ve been playing those two for a while, I have a new voice floating around in my mind. This one is almost demanding I let him write, and his story (as written thus far) is rather significant. I don’t know if he’ll ever end up as a Pathfinder character, but he might end up as a central character in a novella or short story.

How do I keep them all straight? I have to write things down, or else I’ll get lost amidst the myriad of personalities and voices.


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