Change in the Winds


Life comes at you fast. What you took for granted suddenly becomes a thing of you past, and you find yourself suddenly adrift in an unknown ocean.

I started work on Monday last week just as if it were any normal day. I processed payroll, responded to emails and phone calls from prospective residents, and then started on other projects for the day.

By the end of the morning, I was looking for a new company. It was sudden and unexpected, leaving me stunned. I had a choice: I could let myself fall into a dark rabbit hole of doubt and uncertainty, or I could buckle down and take advantage of it.

I hit the ground running, reaching out to my contacts and hitting a number of websites with my resume after reviewing their positions.  I never understood the power of networking until that moment.

I always thought of the “networking events” that were held by our state association as just a fun little thing to do, but it turns out that making connections like that can come in handy when the unexpected happens.

I’ve angled my sails, now I wait for the wind to fill them.


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